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Hey all!

I apologize that it has been so long since my last update. For the past couple of weeks I have felt even more like an alien in a far away land as we have been without electricity, fuel (meaning no generator or transportation) and our phone network has been down leaving me completely out of commission. Thankfully, our lack of amenities have not disabled our productivity here in the north and God has been infusing us with strength and good health to continue His work with tenacity. When I say good health I mean that I haven't been plagued with malaria, typhoid or yellow fever. However, (with or without your permission to speak candidly) on the topic of fecal matter things have been anything but compact. I've been faithfully riding the D-train for the last 3 months with the exception of 3 or 4 days of semi-promising trips to the latrine. I have a tendency to interrupt conversations with a "umm...hold that thought!" or a "Can you give me a minute?" as I awkwardly scurry away to my fetid place of refuge. It's all part of the African experience I guess...

At dusk, Terry and I are embarking on a short adventure to Kigali, Rwanda and we are ecstatic! We will most likely spend Easter there and trek back to Kampala for a couple of days before heading north to Pader. Time for Terry and I to indulge ourselves in some sodas!

Ok, I must be running as I've got a lot to do here in Kampala today! I'll send more of an update soon when I get a chance so stay tuned.

I love you all,


p.s. For your amusement I uploaded a little clip to give you a taste of the Acholi culture and my inability to perform their traditional dance.


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