Dear friends and family,

I have arrived here in Uganda!! Thanks to your prayers all 6 pieces of luggage made it safe and sound as well. Praise God! Terry and I are here at a local cafe in Kasanga and it's incredible. Very sticky and overcast but the people are beautiful and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. It feels incredibly surreal being here now after all the months of planning and I am so grateful for you all for your relentless prayer and support. We are staying here for the night and then embark at sunrise on the long journey to Pader. Terry is telling me to cherish our chilled cokes and ceiling fans at night because there is no electricity where we are in the north. We are about to head to an Eritrean restaurant for some local food which i am very excited about! Hopefully in my next blog I will have some pictures uploaded so you can get a little taste of the beauty of Uganda - The Pearl of Africa.

Love you all,


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